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    Hardware Settings to Record from Radio or Internet

    Spoot51 Level 1

      Upgrade to CS5 and can no longer record into soundbooth from outside sources. Windows7, SoundBlaster X-Fi Extreme Audio.

      System is connected to component stereo system for input and playback.This setup works perfectly in CS3.


      Output to speakers is fine, only recording streaming audio is not working. Soundbooth settings: default device - Soundbooth 3.0   WDM sound.


      Input devices: Line-In (SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio) and Mic


      Port: Line-In (SB X-Fi Xtreme).


      I notice on my old pc that the sound card  when right clicking the speaker icon on lower right menu bar in windows, then clicking  "recording devices" there is an option " what u hear" . This option does not appear on the menu for my current sound card.  How can I record outside sources??

      Have updated drivers.