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    Can cs5 Re-link an entire timelime with ease?

    lou4uandme Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have a project that after 3 months,  now has 90 image sequences clips.

      Over time they are spread over 3 hard drives and multiple folders.

      All is well with cs5 for now, but I would like to put ALL of my targas & dpx files (which makes up the entire timeline) into 1 folder.

      This way I know that the entire movie is located in 1 place instead of 3 hard drives!


      I know if i move a file to another location, I will get the Missing file locator pop up box. I would then have to locate the missing file.

      This would  take days to re-link the entire timeline.


      Anyone know if there is an easy way to re-link the entire Timeline?