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    Customize frameset tags

      I'm trying to address some accessibility issues and need to figure out how to edit the "master" framesets that RH x5 uses to generate webhelp. I assume there are masters somewhere (probably in XML files) but I can't figure out where they live. I'd rather edit the master once so the changes will apply to all webhelp files generated from RH.

      I'm using 508-compliant output, so there is no skin to apply.
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          I'd love to help you with this but have so far been unable to find anything that does this. I know you're not using a skin but even RoboWizard's skinny on skins does not show how to change the names etc of the Mini tool bar etc. I'll watch this thread with interest.
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            HKabaker Level 2

            Can you give an example or two of what kind of editing you want to do? Size and shape? labels? colors? Adding elements?

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              aarondminnick Level 1
              A few things:

              * Change the ALT text for the closed book and open book icons in the Contents pane
              * Change the title attributes of the various frames
              * Change the embedded styles in the navbar html file

              The first two are to address screenreader issues; Robohelp produces frames with titles like "Navigation Frame" and the screenreader adds the word "frame" when it interprets frames: thus, it reads "Navigation Frame Frame," etc. The third is to tweak contrast in the navbar.

              I can find all these in the GENERATED files, but we don't want to fix every project we generate--it makes more sense to change the "masters" (if they exist) so the changes propagate across all projects as we generate them.
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                HKabaker Level 2

                So you don't want to see (or hear the screen reader say),

                icon: open book
                icon: closed book
                icon: page

                switch to Navigation Pane Index tab
                switch to .... etc. tab
                Navigation Pane Index tab is active
                . . . . (other) pane is active

                As you mentioned, these popup tags are in a handful of output files in the whgdata folder. Whether it's more trouble to fix the output every time, or to alter some basic RH files, I'll leave up to you.

                For my money, that wonderful little utility called FAR can make quick work of this chore. In fact, I used FAR to research this issue.

                OK, I too am in favor of eliminating any repetitive chore.

                The source is in the file HtmSingleSourceWebHelp.dll in the RoboHTML program folder. I have no idea how to edit a .dll file and have it remain a valid .dll file type, but perhaps you do.

                You'll find attributes for the pane -- font, size, color, background color, etc. -- somewhere in


                I found some js and xml files that structure the display, but didn't have time to track down where they pick up the values to plug in by default.

                Happy hunting.


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                  HKabaker Level 2

                  "Navigation Frame frame" and "Topic Frame drame" have origins in
                  whd_home.htm and

                  again, in the RoboHTML program file.
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                    NianNorth Level 1
                    I can't remember where I found it (skinny on skins I think) but I got rid of the alt text for the books etc by changing the .lng file.
                    I still can't find a way of changing the frame names where RoboHelp doesn't just put them back when you generate.
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                      aarondminnick Level 1
                      Thanks--I'll try out these suggestions and I'll look around for FAR.