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    SEO - can you add to RoboHelp projects

    City Sue

      Does anyone have experience of optimizing Robohelp pages/projects for searches. I know that you can add keywords into the Heading Section of HTML.

      We have been tasked to look into this, even though the Help has normally been embedded in the product, making it readily available tyo those who need it.

      However, recently our quality assured help material has been copied out of RH files and placed on a company 'learning' site using freeware called Joomla (because it apparently has great SEO capabilities). Our objection is that our work is being copied and changed so it shows errors, typos, doesn't have our designed flow any more, and some items are simply omitted.


      So, I have been tasked with finding out if we can SEO our RH projects.


      Hope this is enough info.