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    Browsers greyed out in Preview in Browser

    Level 7

      I'm using DW 8.0.2. I have the following browsers installed:

      - IE7
      - Firefox 2
      - Mozilla 1.7
      - Safari 3.0.2
      - Opera 9.1

      In Preview in Browser (either from the File menu or the tool bar), all but
      Firefox (& the option to edit the list) are greyed out. I have IE set as
      primary, and can preview using that by hitting F12. Safari is set as
      Secondary, and Ctrl-F12 works for that. But the only one I can actually
      click on in the list is Firefox. I can't preview with Mozilla or Opera at

      I'm running Vista Ultimate. They all worked fine on my XP machine (except
      Safari which wasn't installed). Any suggestions?