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    Importing different formats into Premiere CS5

    joewilde Level 1

      Hi guys,


      Ok, will give you the low down....... we are about to allow people to send us video so we can add it to an online newspaper. The problem is we dont have control over the format that we will be sent so it could arrive as anything mp4, H.264, AVCHD, mpeg or AVI, MOV etc with gawd knows what codec. Resolution and file size is not the issue but format is, as in what codecs are used to compress the video.


      My question is, do you know how well Premiere CS5 deals with different video formats/codecs?

      Is there a program or programs that would take footage supplied with an obscure codec and allow conversion to a more PPCS5 friendly codec? Obviously there isn't going to be a one stop shop it may be that I need more than one program but I'm looking for something that will cover as many bases (codec wise) as possible.