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    Where to get a full fresh download of Reader?


      I had Adobe Reader 8.1 (or similar) and decided to upgrade to 9.3.4.  I downloaded it and ran the .exe file.   It seemed to run fine, but there was no effect.  Acrobat 8.1 was still loaded and used every time I opened a .pdf file. I tried several times, no evidence of 9.3.4 being installed. I could not find it in the addremove programs utility from the control panel.


      I notided that it was not a usual install from scratch, but instead some kind of upgrade. To force it to install from scratch, I

      uninstalled Reader 8.1 and tried to install reader 9.3.4.   Did not work. I tried 9.3.3, still no luck.


      I then found a web page that seemed to distinguish between a full install  and an upgrade.  See:  http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?platform=windows&product=10


      But when I tried some links under the full download area, I just was taken to the same 9.3.4 link that I already tried several times.


      NOW I CANNOT READ ANY PDF FILES! And I have no idea how to get a fresh install.

      Most peculiar.


      This is quite surprising behavior. I must be missing something simple here.


      Thanks for any ideas!