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    Tragic: Director 11.5 Trial install problems. Saying finally goodbye to Director after 16 years.


      After not having used Director since 2005 I recently felt an urge to give it a fresh try. I still feel that it is a wonderful authoring tool and have a number of multimedia and gaming applications which I developed over the years and would like to continue this line. With a new Director version.


      So I downloaded the 11.5 trial version for Mac OS X with a firm believe that I might upgrade my last licenced Director MX version.


      When attempting to install the trial the process got stopped by a System Error saying that "Incompatible payloads are already installed". Before this I never installed any Director versions on my current computer.


      This payloads issue seems to be a very common issue during installations of a number of Adobe software products. Thus when googling the problem I found numerous pages referring to it but never really in regards of Director in particular. This already speaks volumes. I remember years back when you had any problem with Director and looked it up on the web tons of pages offered help and solutions. Nowadays this is so with Flash but Director is to no surprise increasingly adandoned. Many pages/blog entries/etc. referring directly to Director were from 2006 of even older.


      However I tried a couple of trouble shoots with those payloads, even allowed an Adobe Support agent to access my desktop to sort it out. But in the end I believe the trial version remains uninstallable.


      One sinister conclusion for me is why does Adobe make it so damn difficult to install a trial version. The whole business with these payloads appears to me as an over-zealous attempt to control licencing policies.


      On the other hand I have to come to the somehow sad and tragic conclusion that I won't buy an upgrade and accept for myself that the great times of Director are over, once and for all.





      At least not with Director