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    Generating WebHelp Issue

    jeffrey.shorf Level 1

      I am having issues Generating WebHelp from my PC. I go to Batch Generate the project, but after I get so far of generating the WebHelp system, it stops indefinitely. Although RoboHelp shows activity, and does not lock up, The WebHelp system does.

      Any and all tips / tricks / solutions will be appreciated.

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          Similar issue here. Successfully built HTML Help. WebHelp begins to generate, but differs from your problem when it hangs and locks up during the "Generating WebHelp system..." I allowed it to continue uninterrupted for more than 3 hours. Unable to close successfully; even using the Task Manager to shut it down doesn't help. Must close all programs and reboot to shut it down. Tried steps in KB Article rb_7813. Didn't change a thing. Let me know if you get any answers. There is no alternative or other suggestions in the article if the suggested fix isn't successful. Let me know if you get any information that's helpful.

          - California PST time
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Are you generating to a folder on your hard disk from a project also on your hard disk?

            Have you tried creating and generating to a new folder?

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              Mr. Grainge,

              I hope your ideas for this issue are a successful as the last time we spoke. To answer your questions, yes and yes. I'm working locally ~ not over the net ~ and generating to my c: drive three folders deep. I've created and tried to generate to a new folder. The last "processing" message displayed is "Applying WebHelp 5.50 Template..." and then complete lock-up with reboot required to exit.. HTML Help generates successfully. It's late here. I look forward to more ideas tomorrow.

              Suzette Stahl
              Resort Data Processing - California, US (PST)
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                Peter is fine around here.

                Was the new folder higher?

                One quick test. Create a new project and make sure that generates OK. If not, post back.

                If it does, take a copy of your project. Apply a condition to half the folders and exclude them from the build. See if that changes anything.

                Either then apply the tag to more folders or start removing tags until you isolate a topic causing grief.
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                  I don't have any conditions currently. Your suggestions still apply?
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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    The suggestions are all independent.

                    The idea behind the conditions one is that you do apply some conditions to exclude topics. Maybe a rogue topic is prevent the completion so by excluding it, we can track it down.

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                      Okay. I absolutely give up. I've tried for 2 full days on this testing idea. Each time I try to add an additional conditional build tag, the system locks up on me. I can't even get through the "add a condition" part of the test to even click generate. It won't let me remove them either. Once I got out of the conditional tag issues from last June, I decided the problems out-weighed the benefits of the tags ~ so I don't use them.

                      I've had nothing but problems since upgrading in June. Is there another option short of starting from scratch? I can zip the files up, but my project was big in June when I shipped it to you, so I will need access to your grainge.org site again. Please email when you can. I'm just so frustrated with failed testing procedures. Do you have any other suggestions? My HTML help is still generating appropriately.

                      Suzette ~ California
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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        To upload the project, follow the same procedures as before. Email me offline if you need the details again.

                        To save me time wading through this post and the previous emails, please email a summary of the issue and what has been tried and failed.