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    How to "use" an EDL?

    lou4uandme Level 1


      I wanted to give EDL a try but I am confused.

      This quote came from Adobe.


      • "EDLs work best with projects that contain no more than one video track, two stereo audio tracks, and no nested sequences. Most standard transitions, frame holds, and clip speed changes also work well in EDLs."



      Ok, you should see my timeline, I have 9 layers of video and 16 layers of audio. How am I suppose to get this down to 1 video track?



      • "Capture and log all the source material with the correct timecode".


      My timeline clips have been exported as targas,& tiff files into NUKE for compositing and then brought back into premiere as DPX or targas. Wouldn't I have lost the timecode?


      So, If my timeline is made up as imported targas, can I still use an EDL to export for Grading? But what about the video layer problem?

      ArHRRRRR... i'm so confused!!