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    How do I make a working runtime bundled installer?

    davedev066 Level 1

      I am trying to make an installer that bundles my application AIR file with the AIR runtime installer. I've looked at the instructions on the web, but they seem to be missing some details. I have tried following the instructions, but cannot get my application to install after the AIR runtime installation.
      Specifically, on the Mac, I have renamed the Adobe AIR Installer to My App Installer.
      I placed MyApp.air into My App Installer package so I have My App Installer/MyApp.air
      I created a .airinstall.cfg file containing "MyApp.air" and placed it into  My App Installer so I have My App Installer/.airinstall.cfg
      Running My App Installer does install AIR, but not my app.

      Where does the should MyApp.air file go on the Mac? Windows?


      Where does the .airinstall.cfg go on the Mac? Windows?
      Do MyApp.air and .airinstall.cfg need to be in My App Installer/Contents on the Mac or can they be at the root.
      Is the path relative to MyApp.air My App Installer so that the path for My App Installer/MyApp.air would be MyApp.air?