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    Moving Files?


      I am not a heavy shooter and don't have tens of thousands of images to manage.  I had/have LR2 and just upgraded to LR3.  For some time I have known I have a problem with the way I've imported images into LR and it's getting a little sloppy.  I have used Scott Kelby's books and haven't fully understood his recommendationn of one folder (e. g., My Lightroom) to keep all my files in.


      My preferred method of filing in to have main folders for topics like Family, Friends, Travel, Nature, etc.  Then within these I have folders for Bob and Alice, U. S., Trees, etc.  Then, within some of these I'll further break things down to Minnesota or Pacific NW, etc.


      Two general ways come to my mind to correct the sloppy problems:

           1.     Move all my other folder hierarchies into My Lightroom and then re-import the whole thing into the LR catalog -- which won't re-import suspected duplicates.  Then, everything would be managed by LR.  OR


           2.     Delete everything I have in the LR catalog; clean up my files in Windows and put them into My Lightroom, and then re-import the whole thing into LR.


      Am I overly simplifying things?


      I have Windows XP and my new LR is 3.2.


      Thanks,  Lou616

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          areohbee Level 6




          Were you considering how this process could be plugin-assisted? If not, then this question would be better suited to the Lightroom forum, proper. (This is the SDK/Plugin forum).


          Anyway, it sounds like you've been using folders the way most people are using keywords now.


          What will your new folder organization be? It seems that a plugin that translates your present folder structure into a keyword hierarchy, then moves and re-imports your images, may be just the ticket in your case. Unfortunately at this time, plugins can't move folders or files in a Lightroom-aware fashion, nor can they remove photos from catalogs. But, they can move things and then import them in their new location - so you'd have to delete some photos either before or after, depending...


          Your turn now Lou - ???



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            Lou616 Level 1

            I intend to keep the same basic file structure of folders.  As far as

            posting on the forum, when I registered, the only option offered seemed to

            be SDK -- thus, that's where the inquiry ended up.


            From your response, it seems I'll have to use the second route I first wrote

            about (deleted my LR-controlled files from LR, make the movements in Windows

            Explorer, and then import the new file structure (under My LR Photos folder)

            into LR.


            Thanks,  Lou616