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    Using a nav bar with Dreamweaver in Catalyst

    Ormon G

      I am trying to create just a navigation bar in Catalyst like you might in flash with animated rollovers. Then export the swift to use in a dreamweaver set of pages.

      The problem I am having is trying to get the page destination set up correctly. All I can find in Catalyst is Go To URL, which would be ok but it will not let me remove the Http//

      So if I fire this up in Dreamweaver, embed it, and test. It looks like a virus because its trying to go outside the parent directory of the site.

      Is there a way to make relative paths, I guess is my question?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          In the current version, no. If you have Flash Builder installed ( or just load up the trial), you could go into code and change the urls in there manually. One word of caution is the Flash Catalyst files tend to larger files than one can create in Flash Professional alone. If you are just using Flash Catalyst to create a nav bar, you might be better to develop it in Flash Professional. But, if you need to prototype it fast and get your client to sign off on the design, then Catalyst is a prefect solution.