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    Permanent toolbar features


      Each time the reader is launched I find that the custom toolbar must be reconfigured. Looking for guidance on how to retain the toobar customization

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          I too would like to know why the toolbar customization can't be retained in Adobe Reader X (10).

          This is a huge step backwards, and the lack of action/response from Adobe on the matter is pathetic.


          There is absolutely NO REASON why the program should allow the user to customize toolbars, but then fail to retain that customization after the program is closed.  That's absolute nonsense.


          So, is there an official response from Adobe on this matter, or are they going to remain arrogantly silent?

          All I can find is other users complaining about the same problem, while never getting an answer or solution.

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            Myrkorr B

            the same frustration you have been experiencing has brought me to your page. I am using adobe acrobat version 9 and could not really get that toolbar to stay put from one document to the next. I found a suggestion to lock the toolbar and it solved my problem. Everytime I open a new intance of adobe the toolbars are as I left them.


            view-->toolbar-->lock toolbars


            I can only hope this works for the reader also.