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    Labels and Listeners




      I'm having a problem with adding a label or text to a Group object.  The label affects the layout.  I have listeners set up for each group.  When I click on the label in one group, the listener function for a different group is called.  I am not changing the layout, so I'm assuming its the Basic Layout and I'm setting the label's coordinates in the upper left corner.  This label is affecting things somehow, but I'm not sure how. I checked the addresses and I do have different functions for each listener.  Everything works fine if I click anywhere except exactly on the label.


      Anyone out there have a few ideas that might help me out?  I've tried just about eveyrthing.. setting the group to be the size of the label, making the lable a member of the group (which doesn't work since it disappears when the group is filled with a bitmap), turned the mouseChildren flags, off, reset clipping, etc.