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    Flash Player not working since update


      Help!  I have tried everything I can think of and nothing has worked so far.  I updated my flash player about a month ago and it hasn't worked since then.  I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and every time it tells me the installation was successfull and I can see the animation video.  However nothing will play on youtube or elsewhere.  All I get is a black box, it doesn't even say "get flash player".  I use firefox, but checked in IE and it's not working there either.  The new version is, I am using ff version 3.6.10 on a 32 bit system, windows xp.  Please help! I am at a loss and getting ready to start an online course that I need flash for!

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, Use IE and go to Tools, Manage add ons. You didn't say which version of IE you have but check all categories and find Shockwave Flash Object and make sure it is Enabled.


          Then use FF and look in the plugins for Shockwave Flash vs and make sure it is Enabled.


          If both of the above is correct, then go to this test site and Right click on the Flash logo, Settings and in Display Settings,

          UNcheck the hardware acceleration.



          Let me know if that helps.







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            zoolover78 Level 1

            When I click on the test link you provided, it doesn't say that I have fp installed.  However, if I manually type in the address for adobe player player, I see the animation- I am so confused.  Anyway, I unchecked hardware acceleration and it still isn't working.  Any other ideas?

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, What about the other things I asked you to do? Also, I still don't know what browsers you use.


              Just follow what I ask you to do please. Without information from you I can't help.







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                I have the same problem with 10....


                This is what I found


                the 32 bit keeps installing in WOW64, my 64 bit apps.


                so will square, of course it won't show up as an add on in 64 bit or 32 bit


                the older version would just do 32 bit and worked, but no 64, very few addons work in 64

                so I mostly use the 32 bit browser , I always know which browser I'm using, as I keep them seperate in the task bar, and a right click

                to open tells me which


                Adobe has a real problem with this version


                I'm tired of updates that are buggy


                I'm going to try and reinstall 9 from an old windows file, and kill the update function

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                  zoolover78 Level 1

                  I checked in both IE8 and FF and shockwave is enabled.  I unchecked the hardware acceleration in settings also and still nothing.  I really don't care about getting it to work in IE, if we can focus more on FF as that is the primary browser I use.  Thanks.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Thanks. Now go to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash and post back all files listed there. You will need to right click on the NPSWF files and then click on Properties to obtain the version numbers.


                    When you use FF go to plugins again and make sure it says SWF vs, and enabled. If you have Shockwave Player Installed you will have a plugin for that. But it is different than Flash Player, two separate plugins.


                    Same thing in IE, even tho you don't use it as your main browser. Check in "Show" under Tools,Manage Addons. There are 4 categories under "Show"


                    Also, under Tools, Internet Options, make sure you have the Security(Tab) set to medium for the Internet Zone.


                    In FF, do you use adblock or adblock plus?


                    What Anti-Virus do you use? In FF, check to see if there are any plugins, add ons or extensions relating to the AV.






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                      zoolover78 Level 1

                      Okay- files listed are:








                      NPSWF32.dll (version



                      I use CA Security Center version and in FF the only extension listed relating to CA is the CA Link Advisor

                      The security is set to medium in IE, but I don't see anything in FF on level of internet security.  When I click on security there is no slider like in IE.  And to my knowledge I don't use adblock in FF.

                      And it is the SWF correct version listed in add ons

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Thanks, much better:-) Ok, Now in your Flash files, there are old versions and as a result, you are having conflicts.


                        Go back to the Flash folder and delete these files: Flash9m.ocx and FlashUtil9.m. You do this by right clicking on each and select delete. BE SURE TO REBOOT AFTER THAT.


                        Those files are old Flash files for Internet Explorer.


                        Now for FF, you have the correct Flash files and with the correct SWF in the plugins and enabled, then FF should be working.


                        Let's get the Flash folder cleaned up and then I would disable that CA LinkAdvisor and see if that helps.







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                          zoolover78 Level 1

                          Ok- I deleted those files and rebooted the computer, disabled the link advisor and still nothing- just a black box.  SOOO frustrated!  What next?

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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Ok, one thing at a time:-) Now to CA and right click the icon and Open it. Under the Personal Firewall, there is a Privacy Option, turn off the ad/popup blocker.


                            See if that does it.






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                              zoolover78 Level 1

                              It worked! Thanks so much for your help- I never would have thought a pop-up blocker would make my flash player not work!  That is so weird, but at least it's fixed.  Thanks again.

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                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                Hi, Don't doubt me Flash Player is a great product, but just as IE, it gets a lot of bad press, unfairly in my opinion. I spend more time battling every add on in the browsers that conflict with FP than I do about Flash Player. Also I spend more time keeping up with all of the Anti-Virus programs because they are the the top conflicters.


                                Until someone can separate Flash Ads in a website, from what the users WANTS to see then anything that blocks the ads, block Flash Content, right? Adblock to me is Flash block:-)



                                Thanks for marking your thread as answered, good subject title and anyone stopping by that uses CA, will appreciate it





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                                  Im having a similar problem. I cant play zynga poker on facebook any more due to a problem with flash palyer. I dont know about CA, I have a registered kespersky Anti virus on my pc. Please help me out.


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                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                    Hi pokandi   This is an answered thread and you will need to start your own thread. And also provide the info from this link, but not on this thread.


                                    http://forums.adobe.com/thread/657743  Only the first post would apply to you.







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                                      I had the same problem. I was using FireFox to go to Adobe.com to install the Flash Player many times and it did NOT work. For some reason, I tried using IE-9 and repeated my steps at Adobe.Com to download and install the Flash Player using IE (and NOT FireFox).


                                      THAT WORKED immediately.


                                      Not only did the Flash Play NOT install using FireFox, but, other non-browser programs using Flash did not work either. They all reported that the Flash Player was not installed.


                                      NOW all is well with the world.


                                      So, apparently IE-9 gets a different version of Flash Player than does FireFox...

                                      If that is so, you might want to say this on Flash Player download page.

                                      Do not just assume that whatever info is offered up by FireFox is right (for some reason) and you can offer some words of assistance.

                                      I hope this helps.

                                      Anyway, 3 days pursing this and it is now OK.

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                                        pestanexsf Level 1



                                         that's what I found out,....I thought different browsers would get the appropriate versions,   not so. so I download with IE9 and it all seems to function


                                        Tx again,








                                        Pete S.



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                                          You can easily see if your flash player is working by accessing this simple page: http://www.ismyflashworking.com


                                          Have a good one