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    Component Available/Needed to Mimic Windows "File Open" Dialog?

    BillG-Seattle Level 1
      I need to develop an on-line app in which the user can select a file from his computer, open it, select all (Ctrl+A), and copy all (Ctrl+C), and paste (Ctrl+V) it into a Flash input text field. The point of my app is then to further process the pasted text.

      My initial question...How can I have the user select which file to open from within the Flash app? Do I need some sort of component that can mimic the Windows Open File Dialog...or is there an easier way to have the user select the file from their computer that they want to use?

      Then, is there an easy way to copy and paste the contents of that file into the input text field without the user having to do much of anything...or do they still need to do some minimal steps. (I'm trying to make this as easy as possible from an end user perspective).

      Any pointers greatly appreciated!