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    Administer Websites -> <no websites> (in CS3)




      I am using Contribute CS3.


      When I go to Edit -> Administer Websites, it shows <no websites> greyed out.


      I have reinstalled Contribute from scratch and recreated the connection twice with the same results.


      When I select "My Connections", the administrator is displayed as "iampres@hotmail.com", I have no idea who that is and, whoever that may be, certainly isn't the administrator I want.   Any attempt to change the administrator asks for a password which I have no idea what it may be.


      This is the first website I created a connection to.


      I need to somehow set the administrator to the rightful administrator (not iampress@hotmail.com) and apparently cannot do so until the <no website> problem is fixed.


      help solving this problem is greatly appreciated,


      Thank you,