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    Dynamic colour preview?

      Hey guys,

      I'm trying to create a small app that allows you to change the colour of several movie clips. So far I've got several swatches that change each movie clip using the setRGB() function and that works fine.

      My client has asked for a preview of the colour change though. The idea is when you roll over a swatch it will change the movie clip color. If you roll out without clicking and applying the color it will revert back to the color before you rolled over the swatch. If you did click while hovering and set the color it will keep that color.

      My first thought was to use getrgb on the current color and use it in the setrgb function of the temporary color to change back but it seems you can only use rgb values, not strings or variables?

      Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,
      Adam Owen

      p.s. This is the sort of thing we're going for - http://store.etnies.com/Custom/ - click a shoe then start hovering and clicking swatches.