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    expeditionwest Level 1

      I've searched EVERY tab/folder/sub-folder and even looked behind the rocks, but I can't find it.


      When I export a TIF/MOVIE/JPG whatever, it defaults to the sequence name (that's O.K.) and exports to a single location, in this case -MIAMIFEST/PIXALL.


      I have looked everywhere to change the export location because the location it wants to send my 12GB production is near full, handing me a DISK FULL, UNABLE TO COMPILE message.


      Isn't there a simple way to change the export location?  If not, then I have to move another PrePro project, which I really don't want to do.


      Seriously though, I looked under every rock PrePro has to offer and I can't find where to change that export location pref. It would be also nice to change the name of the export other than the sequence name when I might want to export a few or more assets.