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    SWF/FLV not working after uploading to website

    bazair2air Level 1

      Hello,  I am trying to embed a flv with a custom skin from Flash CS4 on my web page. I have embedded FLV's  before using Dreamweaver CS4 by going to Insert/Media/FLV and it worked fine. However, I do not like any of the skins available in DW.


      So I created a FLA in Flash with a skin that I prefer. The file previews fine in Flash. I published it and Flash create the flv, swf and skin.swf. I then went to DW and choose Insert/Media/SWF and inserted on the html page. I previewed it in the browser and it worked fine.


      I uploaded the .swf, flv, skin, and html to my server. The skin appears but the flv video does not.


      Is there somewhere in Flash that I need to specify "Progressive Download" as in DW? Or am I missing a file? Or.....


      Here is a link to the page: http://www.chrisbazil.com/KimsFirstSkydiveTest1.html