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    ScaleMode.NONE results in clipping/masking of SWFs

    ionflow Level 1

      I'm loading an SWFElement into my player and when the LayoutMetadata is set to ScaleMode.NONE with left, right, top, and bottom attributes set to 0, the SWF does not fill the stage like I would expect when setting L,R,T,B to 0. Setting the LayoutMetadata's width or height forces the media element to scale.


      What I'd like to do is not have the SWF clipped or masked off at it's bounds. It appears that if I load a 300x400 SWF into a player that's 500x600, with attributes L,R,T,B set to 0 and ScaleMode to NONE the SWF sits at the top left of the player and anything in the swf that sits outside it's original 300x400 area is invisible. But if I load this swf into the player using a Loader and add it as a child to the stage (not the MediaContainer) it is not clipped. Is the LayoutRenderer clipping it? I don't see anywhere in the OSMF classes where masking is happening.