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    futurewasp Level 1
      hi i was wondering if someone could help me? on scene1 in frame 1 if there is a button with "on release goto and play 3" will this mean it will also play a movie in frame 2? (that is what seams to be happening) is there a way around this?

      thanks for any advice

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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          on the button if you have this

          then, no, it jumps to frame 3 and plays from there.
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            Rothrock Level 5
            I really depends upon what you mean by frame. :)

            In flash, a really important idea is the key frame. So if you have on frame 2 a keyframe, but in that same layer there is not another keyframe in frame 3 and the frames from frame 2 continue. Well then the contents of the key frame on frame 2 will still exist on frame 3. So even if you skip frame 2, then that content will play.

            That is the only way (or some variation on that) I can imagine that what you describe would happen.