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    Premiere Pro CS5 crashes very often - Need Help!


      Hello Forum members,


      I have big problems with  Adobe Premiere CS5 under my new Win7/64 PC.

      While editing 1080i AVC HD videos Premiere crashes very often with the error

      message: "device driver is being recovered".  It seems to be a problem with my

      graphics card NVIDIA GTX 285. After restarting Premiere again, the crash happens

      again a few minutes later. So its very hard continueing with my work.


      I have installed all updates which are available for Win7/64, Adobe CS5 and

      my NVIDIA GTX 285 graphics card. All other CS5 tools run fine.


      My PC has a ASUS P7P55D motherboard with a Intel i7/860 processor and

      8 GB memory.


      Any help is being very appreciated.