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    Signing not enabled in Reader 9!?


      hey all!


      i kindly ask for a quick response, i'm a bit in a hurry..  


      1) I've created a dynamic form in Livecycle, saved as Adobe 7.0 compatible dynamic PDF form file.


      2) When opening in Acrobat 9 Pro, I saved file to Extend features in Adobe Reader (so all the receivers can sign it).


      3) When i open it in Reader 9, options for signing are DISABLED!!?  Security settings allow signing!


      and i wonder where the catch is..?


      Please help.. as quick as possible..







      nooo..! just found out that .xml (compatible) forms can't be signed!!   oh why, Adobe...??? 

      tell me please is there any other possible solution for dynamic forms to be signed in Reader 9??   i spent a lot of time making this form...


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          SForrest96 Level 4



          Forms created with Adobe Designer (xml based) can be digitally signed using Acrobat Pro or reader if the form has been "Reader Extended" either using LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2 or the Acrobat "Extend Features in Adobe Reader" capability.


          Can you post your form?




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            astarxy Level 1

            hi Steve!


            thanks a lot for your reply.. i read carefully again the info box that appears after you choose Extend features in Reader and saw that it DOES give an option of signing when there's a signature field created!! oh yea!!


            therefore, my problem solved. cheers!


            thnx again and best luck.