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    Can't find video files


      I have done some moving around of my files to regain some space on my hard drive.


      I have not deleted any of my vidoe files that I used in making my movie, but now when I open it up, it comes up and says "Where is file (and then gives a number)? 


      It opens up my movie,but almost all of the spaces on the timeline say "Offline".  Where did all my files go and how do I get them back?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The Project file, the PREL, relies on absolute Paths in the links to the Assets. When one alters the Path, PrE cannot find the file anymore.


          Where did you move the Assets to?


          Can you do a Search of your system to locate them?


          Once you know where the files are (and actually PrE will help you Find the files, from that "Where is file _____.avi?" screen, just point PrE to the first one, and it will automatically link to all others used in that Project and located in the same folder.


          Good luck,



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            wvpcr Level 1

            I went to the file where they are all at.  I select the first one and then it wants to do it for each one.  That will take hours.   Under  the Organizer tab it shows all of them as being there, but not in the timeline or sceneline.


            Anything else I can try?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              If the Assets are in the same folder, PrE should restore the links to all used Assets in that folder, after you locate the first one. This should be done automatically.


              Now, if you have chosen to Off-line the Assets, and have done a Save, you will need to manually re-link to each one. It might be far easier to go to one of the AutoSave files, and do not Off-line the files, but let PrE locate them, after you find the first one.


              Good luck,