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    How do I open a project that I've created in Premiere Elements 8


      I have a problem opening projects in Prem. Elements 8. I have only just installed the program and after creating my first project and burnt it to DVD I closed the program. However, I was unable to open it again either by clicking on the project in its saved location or by clicking on "Open Project" in the Welcome window. The only way I can get access to the program is if I shut down or restart my computer and then for one time only it will open.

      My computer is fairly new, has 4GB of RAM and 1Tb of hard drive. I have checked that the graphics card driver is up to date, I have disabled GPU playback and one or two other things suggested by the Adobe support team but nothing has so far worked. According to the team this is a problem that "a lot of customers are facing", so is there anyone that has had this problem and knows how to solve it?

      Any help would be much appreciated.