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    title page doesn't update/change

    Neofilm Level 1

      Ok, it seems like this happened before in CS4 but I didn't try to fix it. Now I'm on a killer new machine with CS5 and it's doing it again.


      I create a title, I then later change the color or anything about it and it doesn't change after i exit out of the title page window where I change it, it will change in there but when I exit out of it the change isn't saved.


      Man, if it's not one thing it sure as hell is another with premiere. I am soooo close to changing to a new NLE, it's always something wtih Adobe crap.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The first thing that I would investigate would be the video driver, and download and install the latest one. What card do you have, and what is the driver version/date?


          Good luck,



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            I think so.....................

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              Neofilm Level 1

              thanks for the prompt reply!


              I have a Gygabyte Superclocked GTX 470


              I have installed the drivers for it from the disk that came with it, but I'll look and see if there are more current drivers. Should I look at Gygabyte or NVIDIA?


              I recall that I started having this problem on my old system with a GTS 8800 video card too, but i didn't try to fix it because I was about to upgrade to CS5, which required me to upgrade my whole system if i was going to take advantage of the mercury playback engine.

              • 4. Sorry Adobe
                Neofilm Level 1

                Ok, that may have been the resolve, updating my driver, after doing that and a reboot it seems to be working great now. So, sorry Adobe for displacing my hostility, I've been through a lot getting to this point in the game and Adobe definitely could have made it easier with better and American tech support. Anyways, hopefully this will be the last problem I have 

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Just so long as things are working for you, you get to rant a bit.


                  What happens with a program, like PrPro is that it will interface much more closely with the video driver, than almost any other program. Simple things like an OS update, or hot-fix, can ruin the driver, though many other programs run just fine.


                  The installation drivers, that ship with the card, are probably 6 mos. out of date. Same for most installation discs in a computer shop. If the tech has a disc, I can almost guarantee that it's out of date.


                  Good luck, and I would also update your audio chip driver too, just to be safe.



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                    expeditionwest Level 1

                    LOL, they're a Canadian company, eh?