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    Watching PrePro Instructional Video

    Jarliei Level 1

      I DO know that this is not the right forum for my question, and I DO apologies for wasting your time but I simply do not know which way to go.

      I have CS5 Master Collection. Until recently I used Adobe Media Player and Real Player to view Premier Pro CS5 instructional videos. Now that Adobe pulled Media Player off, mine is no longer functioning and for unknown reason Real Player has given up the ghost. I cannot locate an application that will play my videos, Adobe TV does not recognised my saved Videos and Adobe Air is over my humble IQ. I simply cannot comprehend what it is let alone what to do with it.

      I must say that I do not wish to run applications that are downloaded free from the net which possibly could create a security breech or a virus hazard. I am happy to purchase but I have no idea what.