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    FONTS problem (new font)



      please can u help me. I have problem with special characters (in czech language)


      I want to make dynamic TextField with font EMBED.


      wanna show text: Příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy na měsícPŘÍLIŠ ŽLUŤOUČKÝ KŮŇ ÚPĚL ĎÁBELSKÉ ÓDY NA MĚSÍC


      but have problem, here is what is result:




      please can u help me with embeding fonts to LIBRARY?


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          kalibahlu Level 1

          In the Library panel's menu (upper right hand corner of the Library), choose New Font from the menu, and add your fond that way. Check the boxes to export in frame 1 and export for actionscript (not sure if you need that one, but I always check it), then set your text box to use the font. You'll see it will have an asterisk next to it when you choose it from the fonts menu.