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    HTTPService & ResultEvent Execution Order




      I have a function that I call to get data using an HTTPService, which has an eventlistener, which calls another function to handle the data the service recieves.


      I would like to have my function containing the service returning a boolean value based on whether data has loaded the service. Something like:





              public function serviceFunction():Boolean 
                  service.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, dataFunction);
                  return this.loaded;
              private function dataFunction(e:ResultEvent):void 
                      if(e.result.data == loaded) {
                          this.loaded= true;                    
                      } else {
                          this.loaded= false;                    



      When doing it this way, I find that the return statement is executed before the code within the data function.


      Is there a way of being able to return the updated boolean in the first function?