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    Adobe Reader OCX/DLL Conflicting while depolying in Windows Application(VB.NET)

    Vathsal Ravi

      Hi all,

      I Developed an application in VB.Net that reads PDF files from shared path and displays it in the application.

      Client where i had deployed is using one more application which uses the Acrobat Reader 6.0, technically speaking "pdf.ocx" of 6.0 is registed on the client and my application uses 9.0 Version, that is Adobe Reader Component

      But even Acrobat Reader 9.0 is installed on client system and when i registed "AcroPDF.dll" that is actually is conflicting with "pdf.ocx" and previous appliation is not opening.


      Now this is really bad, it seems that there is some dependence on Acrobat Reader Version.


      Please help me in this manner.


      Thanks in advance