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    Bug or change in CS5 Extendscript Toolkit debugger or parser

    Andreas Jansson Level 2

      I got a strange error beginning to work with a script in CS5 (that is working in CS4, and has a script version setting making it run as CS4).


      This is what happened: Pressing Step into code in ExtendScript Toolkit. The window switches to InDesign CS5. Nothing happens. I switch back to the toolkit environment, and there is the blue circle spinning at the bottom right, but nothing else happens.


      The status row reads: No Errors


      So I press stop, and then the following is written out in the status row (Bottom left of the Extendscript Toolkit CS5):


      Cannot execute


      Execution halted : Adobe InDesign CS5 did not respond



      Trying to debug this error was not easy, since the debugger never entered the code. But at last I found a row containing a comment like this one:


      //var sResult = '<![CDATA[' + a + ']]>';


      Please will someone else put this code in a new script and see if you get the same effect:


      //var sResult = '<![CDATA[' + a + ']]>';


      var sResult = 'test';




      The alert box is not showing up.


      You can even minimize the code to this row in a script:


      // ']]>';


      That single comment in a script makes my debugger hang.


      I hope there are no other secret character combinations that need to be removed for my script to run in CS5... Continuing my tests now.