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    Snippet file elsewhere than at root of project folder?


      Hi all,

      My question originated here, but I think it deserves its own thread.

      Can you store a snippet file (.hts file) elsewhere than at the root of the project folder? My issue is sending files to translation. So far I've been storing the English and French version of the snippet inside the same snippet file, so as to avoid having 2 files for each snippet. Now that we want to get the help translated into more languages, what should I do? (Collecting all 20 versions of the snippet into the same file after all the translators have done their jobs doesn't sound too good.)

      In my original post, Elisa suggested that I have 1 file per language, all with the same name. This implies storing the .hts file elsewhere than at the root of the project foder, but it looks like this is not allowed by RH. Can anyone confirm?

      Thanks, C.