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    Applescripting Acrobat 8

    allisonblake Level 1

      I know this is the InDesign scripting forum, but I've had great experience with the users here answering questions quickly!


      Can I write scripts for Acrobat 8 using AppleScript?

      What I've read isn't particularly encouraging--you have to use the "do script" command calling to a javascript, which sounds like I would need to be able to write the javascripts that I want to "do". Am I understanding this correctly?

      I don't know any JavaScript at all. I know AppleScript at a decent beginner level.


      The scripts I'd be interested in writing have to do with comments in Acrobat PDFs--showing/hiding comments based on type and generating printouts or PDFs from the "Summarize Comments..." command.


      Thanks for any help or guidance you can give.