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    Get line width?

    Pontus Uggla

      I would like to place a logotype to the right of the first lines text, where the X is:


      Lorem ipsum X

      dolor sit amet


      Is it posible without copying the text to a box and resize it and check the box size?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          horizontalOffset is your friend here. Use in conjuction with baseline to get the position of any character:


          alert (app.selection[0].insertionPoints[-1].horizontalOffset + " "+app.selection[0].insertionPoints[-1].baseline);


          (Click the text cursor anywhere in the text to see the result.)

          You can read these properties for any text position "the usual way", i.e., referring to lines, words, and characters:


          alert (app.selection[0].paragraphs[0].lines[0].characters[-1].horizontalOffset);


          for example.


          (I'm omitting Javascript formatting here because man! what's up with those scroll bars!?)

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            csm_phil Level 4

            Hi Pontus,


            i think you expected this, may be like this.


            alert ((app.selection[0].insertionPoints[-1].horizontalOffset - app.selection[0].insertionPoints[0].horizontalOffset).toFixed (3));




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              Harbs. Level 6

              That's not a safe way to do it because the last insertionPoint might be the beginning of the next line...


              If you are dealing with r-t-l text it gets much more complicated as well...


              You want to use line.characters.item(-1).endHorizontalOffset (as long as it's limited to l-t-r text).



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                csm_phil Level 4

                Hi Harbs,


                Okay i will understand your answers, But i have one doubt i given selection option text only, so the value comes exact i will used this script lines in my jobs its working fine.



                this is ok harbs shall i use this lines. please suggest me.


                alert  ((app.selection[0].characters[-1].horizontalOffset -  app.selection[0].characters[0].horizontalOffset).toFixed (3));