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    No Sound When Converting to Cineform AVI with Adobe Media Encoder

    Neofilm Level 1

      I've found that I totally prefer to convert my AVCHD files to Cineform AVI, it looks great and is much easier to edit for sure! I did it using the trial version of Neoscene but found I can do it via Premiere and the Adobe Media Encoder. so, I tried the later two.


      When I first tried with Neoscene I didn't have sound with the converted files. I tried to trouble shoot this in a couple of ways that were suggested online. The thing that finally worked was downloading and installing some ac3 thing...


      When I later converted using adobe media encoder it didn't have audio. I can't seem to find a resolve anywhere for this. It does however have audio if I do it through Premiere. But, that would be a tedious process to convert a lot of files through premiere, it would be profoundly easier using the media encoder.


      So, does anyone know how i can fix this?