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    How to access multiple buttons in a loop??




      I have 29 buttons, named img1, img2 ....till img29...I need to access them all in a loop. I had asked this question earlier, but at that time the buttons had to be accessed via their holding movieclip, but this time the code is within the clip, so I need to directly access the button.


      So originally the code I was using to access them was


      _root.folioholdermc["img"+i]._alpha   //thanks to Ned Murphy


      now I need to access them as


      this.img2._alpha                          //due to a path change


      I tried using


      this.img[i]._alpha           but this is not working.


      I want to put this in a loop where I moves from 1 to 29. How can I do this?? Any help will be greatly appreciated...im sure the answer is really simple, but I am new to AS, and don't know wat will work.