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    How dose the user interaction flow break ?


      Main objective is to upload the screen capture to the Amazon S3 fully on client side. Here is the workflow I need


      User click a button to process all the workflow described below .


      1. Do the AMF request to backend and retrieve the S3 policy file information.


      2. Once the result comeback need to upload the screen capture of the image+ parent movieclip.


      3. After the image successfully loaded need to popup the html page .


      Second step not initiate and throws a security Error. The security restriction describe here:



      What I want understand is, how dose the above workflow break user interaction event flow?


      Can I do the following way.?  dose this break the user interaction for upload data




      function onClick(event:MouseEvent):void


               var myTimer:Timer = new Timer(1000, 1);

          myTimer.addEventListener("timer", timerHandler);




      public function timerHandler(event:TimerEvent):void 
         //stuff to upload the image data with URLLoader  



      Thanks in advance