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    Flash CS5 - position x/y coords change by themselves after typing


      I've been working in CS5, with an older FLA I originally built in CS3. On the timeline, I have different MCs and button symbols which need to stay in the same coordinate position. Usually if I notice some sort of 'wiggle', I will go and check the position coords by hand, updating the x/y position by typing numbers directly in the Properties panel.


      However today, I repeatedly saw the coordinates change -by themselves- after I typed and hit Enter. For example, typing '165' in the Y field changed immediately to '164.95'. With one symbol, this behavior continued, no matter what I typed, with the number changing by 10 pixels sometimes, every time I just selected the symbol. Not only was I not able to keep the symbols at the same coords (I tried making  them all 164.95), the 'automatic decimal' numbers would actually change further, as I was trying to correct them. I was only able to resolve this by creating an entirely new MC symbol in the Library, and placing it on a new timeline layer.


      I've noticed this sort of behavior before in CS3 and CS4 (the CS4 Alpha slider never wanting to go to 0 or 100%), but never to this extent, or as consistently. It's gone from an annoyance to a genuine problem in my workflow.