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    Current Page in Breadcrumbs Showing Default Paragraph Font

    Angela Fort

      I have my body and all my styles set to Arial. All my breadcrumbs are showing in Arial EXCEPT the page I'm on. Here's what it looks like:

      Home > IMPACT ERM® Suite > Additional Functionality > IMPACT® IntelaTrac > Configure IntelaTrac Administration Application


      I want the current page to also appear in Arial. Does anyone know how I might achieve this continuity? I am guessing it is using the default paragraph font of Times New Roman 12pt, which I apparently can't change in the Styles and Formatting pod.


      This is a problem for both my WebHelp and FlashHelp projects, which is why I didn't post to a thread specifically for either of those.


      I'm on RH8.0.2.208

      Windows 7 32-bit