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    File references inside an IDML file


      Not sure which forum to post this to...


      I'm building a dynamic publishing application that uses IDML as input and output. The intent is to allow the customer to author printed pages in Indesign, provide us with IDML file, which we will enhance using our system (substitution, adding dynamically generated charts, etc), and then we will feed that to the indesign server.


      It's all pretty much working. The charts we are dynamically generating are pdf files.


      What i would like to do is package the charts we are generating up inside the idml file, as opposed to having to track a bunch of pdf files around with it. Since the idml file is just a zip, packaging is no problem.


      My question is, is there a way to reference a file (through the Link tag) That is actually inside the IDML file. It seems like it should be possible.