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    How do I fix bad Quality audio recording in Captivate 4


      I am having trouble recording decent quality audio in Captivate 4.


      What is happening is after I do the screen and audio recording when I play it back the audio is choppy.

      It also kind of sounds like the audio is quickly echoed and then clipped.

      Finally this clipping and choppiness seems random when it happens.


      I tested this by recording 5 minutes of the demonstration (which recorded with only 1 glitch in the beginning).

      When  I just recorded the second half when I played it back in Captivate it  was very choppy again throughout the audio making the complete session  unusable.


      I am doing full motion recording of an application at 1024x768. I have tried all audio recording bitrates and have even gone up to 128kbps 16bit mp3.

      I am using a high quality Audio-Technica AT2020 USB microphone.

      I am running Windows Vista Service pack 2 fully updated with 4GB of memory on an Intel xeon W3503 2.4Ghz in 64 bit mode.




      I have installed the latest patch update http://www.adobe.com/support/captivate/downloads.html hoping that it waould solve the audio bugs to no avail.


      Please let me know what else I may need to do to get Captivate 4 working like it should.

      Are there any other settings or tests I should perform to get audio recording working.


      Why would I even want to pay for Captivate 5 if Captivate 4 has worked so randomly for me.

      Using 3rd party software like Audacity and even Adobe Soundbooth seems absurd when Captivate has audio recording built in.

      For the time being I have gone back to Camtasia on another system because it actually seems to work but need to get Captivate working on my own system.