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    Unable to connect to localhost Windows 7 x64, CF9 x64

    BrienMalone Level 1

      I've been following along with the Lynda.com tutorial on ColdFusion Builder. Everything went smoothly until the part where I'm supposed to attach CFB to the localhost. The Lynda.com presenter is on a Mac. I am running 64-bit Windows 7 and 64-bit ColdFusion 9 developer edition.


      When I would add the local server to CFB, it would sit with status unknown forever. Eventually I would get a message on the console saying

           Error retrieving server version. Cannot perform the operation. Check if the server is accessible from web browser.


      (I was following the thread about remote connection issues with great interest, but nothing there seemed to apply to my problem.)


      I have tried a number of different permutations of installing and configuring the components.

      • CF9 x64 Stand-alone
      • CF9 x64 J2EE piggybacking on IIS
      • CF9 x64 J2EE built-in web server


      I tried these with and without the most recent patches to CFB and CF9


      With the built-in web server, I tried using cfusion:8300. I also tried creating a new server instance called localhost on 8500. When I tried adding localhost:8500 to CFB, CFB locked up.


      I have a feeling that I'm either looking in the wrong place or I have overlooked something obvious. I just thought of one thing I haven't tried... I will try to install the 32 bit version of CF9 to see if that helps.


      Any other advice would be appreciated. Is anyone else running CF9 x64 under Windows 7 x64?