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    C++ header for communicating between C++ and CS Extension


      I'm trying to figure out how to send and event to my CS extension from InDesign C++ code.  Zak Nelson's talk "Converting your existing Flex, ExtendScript, & C++ to the CS SDK" covers this, but I cannot find the header in the InDesign SDK that allows me to used the csxs::sdk classes.  The code of his that I am trying to copy is pasted below.  The problem is that the compiler does not know about csxs::event::Event because I have not included and header which declares this class.  I can't find it in the Indesign SDK or the CSSDK.  How do I get this to work?


      csxs::event::Event nativeEvent;

      nativeEvent.type = "com.example.myEventID";

      nativeEvent.scope = csxs::event::kEventScope_Global;

      nativeEvent.appId = "IDSN";

      nativeEvent.extensionId = com.example.myExtensionID";  // can leave this null

      nativeEvent.data = "<root><node>someData</node></root>"; // optional

      csxs::event::EventErrorCode result = csxs::sdk::DispatchEvent( &nativeEvent );