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    Stop() and Play() actions added to imported SWF files in Catalyst do not work

    Fly Fisher Level 1

      I have a 13 state project created from a blank project in Catalyst, meaning I didn't import any artwork from AI or PS or FW. On each state I have in app generated button components (from the wireframe panel), and an imported .swf file (13 states, 13 buttons, 13 .swf file assets). Each button has an interaction to transition to a specific state, i.e. on click "Play Transition to StateB" (applied to button1 within StateA).


      On StateB I have imported a .swf file asset to play when transition has completed. This is what the timeline looks like



      When I run the project and select the button to transition from StateA to StateB the imported .swf file's audio in StateA continues to play when the transition to StateB begins to play. Ther result is I have one playing over the other. The stop() action is not working correctly against the imported StateA swf file.


      So I have two questions here: 1. Have I placed the stop() action on StateA correctly, and 2. If not, how to I correct my mistake? I'm hoping someone has experienced the same thing.


      here is a URL to the results: http://pinnacleapps.com/HYDR1345/Hydraulics/deploy-to-web/Main.html


      Thank you for any help offered...