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    Development Env: Vis Basic ->C# "Convert *.h files to C# format?"




      The help project started out being developed in Visual Basic and is a merged HTML help project with eight children projects and context sensitive help (map IDs,etc).


      We need to move all of the content to one large WebHelp project. No more merged help "goodness."  The developers state that they need to have the *.h files (which contain the map IDs/topic names) converted to a C# format. We held a short meeting to look over the help and to peruse the RoboHelp 8 GUI to see if there are menu options or utilities to do this. We did  not find any.


      Question: Is there a way to convert the *.h files into a C# format?


      Question: How can I carry over the TOC organization of each child project and preserve it in the new master TOC? Is that possible? I am reading about importing topics into the new master project but does that retain the structure of subtopic (purple books,etc). Or once I import all of those *.htm topics do I have to manually restore the organization? That would be a huge chore.


      My environment:

      RoboHelp 8

      Windows XP SP2

      (i.e., Technical Comm Suite)


      Any suggestions to the questions are helpful.