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    Media Encoder: "Unknown Error" : one solution


      Queued encoding out of Premiere CS5.02 into the Adobe-updated Media Encoder 5.0.1 was giving "Unknown Error" messages (not particularly helpful) and failing to encode properly.


      I re-installed the version off my install disc (chose Premiere, then unchecked everything except Media Encoder) and that ran the queue again- no changes to compression settings, file settings or anything. Identical files, just earlier version of Media Encoder.


      All 6 queued files compressed without error.


      Except that now the sound was out of sync. Checked Premiere, and somehow, despite me being absolutely sure I only ticked "Encoder" on the re-install, it had reverted to 5.0 with its AIFF sync bug.


      I then ran the DOWNLOADED 5.02 Premiere patch (NOT the Adobe Updater one which causes my Premiere to lose its extra compression settings and be unable to open previously saved CS5 projects- see here for more info).


      Things now function fine.


      This for me so far is the standout feature of my CS5 upgrade: bugs, flaky updaters, horrendous support, and a need to either revert updates or apply them in particular ways.


      I wish you all better times.

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          I have the same Problem!

          Seems to be right, that the error showed up after update to 5.02.

          I worked arround doing a "wav" audio file of the whole sequence, then it worked.

          But thats no solution for long, hope they will rollout a new update and resolve the bug.

          I meantime does any one have a better solution? I tried to download the update 5.02 from the adobe website and install it, but the error is still the same. Possible that this fix from the previous poster worked only when premiere is fully deinstalled.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            This might be a good place to file a Bug Report. Adobe takes those very seriously. Be sure to provide all details, so that Adobe can reproduce the issue in the lab.


            Good luck,



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              mintyh Level 1

              Can you clarify what your problem is?


              Is it that you need the 5.02 update to fix the AIFF sync issue, but that then breaks Media Encoder?


              If so, you'll need to re-install Media Encoder. For me, this was choosing Premiere on my CS5 installer and deselecting everything except Media Encoder, but it seemed still to revert Premiere to v5.0 so I then had to run the *downloaded* Premiere 5.02 update.


              Do not allow the Adobe Updater to update Media Encoder or you'll hit the same problem again.


              If your issue was actually something else, then let me know!