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    pre 8 presets

    jpp 38

      Hi,  I have used Pre 4 successfully since it was released with a Sony HC5 camera. I just bought a Sony HDR-XR550 camera which records in AVCHD. I have it set to record in 1920 X 1080/60i format. I am just gettig started with Pre 8 and was unsure of what Preset to use with a project. The one that I thought might be correct is in the Preset menu under Hard Disk as 1080i 30 (60i). Other Presets under AVCHD are for Full HD 1080i 30 but state they are  for editing 1920 X 1080i. My camera  settings do not match exactly these Presets.   Would anyone have experience with this camera using Pre 8 and be able to tell me the Preset to use?.    Thanks for your help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements 8 includes project presets for both the 1920x1080 and the 1440x1080 flavors of AVCHD (as well as separate presets for stereo and 5.1 audio). As I say in my books, it is VERY important that you select the correct project preset. (Version 9, by the way, includes a feature that will warn you if you have selected the wrong preset and will automatically fix it for you.)


          To see where these project presets are and how to choose the right one, see my Basic Training with Premiere Elements tutorials at Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com.

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            jpp 38 Level 1

            Thanks Steve for your help. I have seen the tutorials in Muvipix as I am a registered user but still have some confusion. My Sony HDR-XR550 shoots in 1080 60i format. It can be set to 1920 X 1080i or 1440 X 1080i.   In the Preset menu under Hard Disk, one option is HD 1080 30 (60i) which is 1440 X 1080i. I assume if the camera is set to 1440 X 1080 this would be the correct Preset? If  I set the camera  to 1920 X 1080, in the Preset menu under AVCHD another option is Full HD 1080i 30,   1920 X 1080.  Does this still work with a camera that shoots in 1080 60i? or should I keep the camera set to 1440 X 1080 to edit with Pre 8. I am not against getting Pre 9 if you think that would edit better in the highest resolution and be able to be set up more accurately . I mainly shoot underwater video and am not too concerned with the audio settings.  Thanks again,

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As long as you're using the right project setting for your video you should be okay,ipp.


              Personally, I recommend that you always record in FX or FH mode at 1920x1080 (5.1 audio) with that camcorder if you plan to edit this video in Premiere Elements. I wouldn't recommend the lower quality video settings.


              It is important, though, that you also match the correct audio settings for your camcorder -- as, if you don't, your clips can behave strangely on your timeline.