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    Administer Contribute 3 sites with CS3?

      I want to get a CS3 production suite for Photoshop, Flash, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver. But I administer a large number of Contribute 3 sites, so I need to know a couple of things.

      1. Can I administer the old sites with Contribute CS3?
      2. If not, will the other CS3 applications interfere with my using Contribute 3?

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          abna Level 1
          You can administer the site using CS3 and it won't mess up your Contribute 3 users. If you have any Contribute 3 administrators, though, they will be locked out of the admin features once you administrate the site with CS3. There are "fixes" for this, but they didn't work for us. We decided to just keep all administrators on 3.1 until all were ready to upgrade to CS3. (Replace the _mm file with a backup to restore access to Contribute 3 admins and then don't use CS3 to administrate again.) You can also have some users who use CS3 and some with Contribute 3 without issue (at least none we've found so far).
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            DKAllaire Level 1
            Thanks. I'm the only administrator, so this is good news.